COG_LO Project

COG_LO Project in a nutshell

Programme area:  Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)
Status: On-going
Duration:  June 2018 – May 2021 (3 Years)
Contract number: COG_LO- 769141


COG_LO,’’ COGnitive Logistics Operations through secure, dynamic and ad-hoc collaborative Networks’’, is a three year Project addressing the H2020-MG-2016-2017/H2020-MG-2017-Two-Stages - MG-5-2-2017 Innovative ICT solutions for future logistics operations started on 1st June 2018 and is funded by Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA), under the powers delegated by the European Commission. The aim of the COG_LO project is to create the framework and tools that will add cognition and collaboration features to future logistics processes.

COG-LO will be built on top of three (3) scientific, technological and business pillars:

Scientific - Cognitive Logistics Objects (CLO) behavior: Logistics Objects are physical objects (cargo, vehicle, etc.) and systems, participating in a Logistics process. In the context of COG-LO, a CLO is autonomous, responsive and able to learn and collaborate. COG-LO will study a responsible multimodal freight transport system guided by a Cognitive Advisor (CA), which will help CLOs decide about next actions, forming social networks, communicating, helping each other and solving local problems. Any action will be performed taking into account variables such as business, environment and society. The result will be proposals from CLOs to the Actors (driver, manager, etc.) for more efficient, environmental-friendly and multi-modal transportation deliveries.

Technological - Collaboration platform powered by Social Internet of Things: COG-LO will put in place an infrastructure fostering ease of access to the underlying functionality by large logistics operators, SMEs and other stakeholders, enabling their seamless operational integration. This will be achieved through an innovative interaction framework based on dynamic ad hoc social networks referred to as the Social Internet of Things (SIoT). SIoT will allow CLOs to interact and “negotiate” potential alternatives/solutions considering their existing status/needs and exceptions identified. Furthermore, for the sake of secure information sharing, the project will deliver the means for data sharing, event management and process orchestration, incorporating the mechanisms for by design security, privacy, data ownership management and data sharing policies enforcement; this will be complemented by a block chain-based overlay, providing for visibility and trust across the logistics chains.

Business - New Logistics business models for Logistics Operators and other stakeholders (cities, authorities, etc.) who continuously face the need for more “dynamic and autonomous decision-making” at all levels (driver, operator, etc.) thus improving performance and in parallel, reducing complexity and environmental impact.

COG_LO will help the postal market in fulfilling the European Commission’s aim to create a Single Parcel Market by enhancing the interoperability between the operators, also through ad-hoc collaborations (with e-Commerce companies and other Logistics Providers). This will allow the operators to better fulfil the expectations of both retailers and consumers, improving the customer satisfaction on delivery considerations such as tracking, time etc. Overall, the increase of the customer satisfaction together with operational improvement, will improve the image of the postal market as a credible player in ecommerce deliveries. COG-LO will help set a strong competitive advantage of European Postal Operators towards international competitors like Amazon.

Expected Results

COG-LO will study the needs, problems and challenges for ad-hoc logistics collaboration and will define both the cognitive modelling framework and decision function models that will allow CLOs to make optimal suggestions:

  • Definition of a Future Cognitive Logistics Objects reference implementation model;
  • Design and develop the necessary analytics and cognitive tools that support CLO behavior;
  • Design and develop a secure CLO collaborative platform based on hybrid ad-hoc social networks (ASN) of CLOs ensuring security/privacy and trust;
  • Design and develop Generic Applications/ Tools on top of the COG-LO core technology;
  • Pilot operation and evaluation;
  • New CLOs-related business models/impact creation.

The main goal of the project is to create the necessary framework and tools that will enable future logistics processes to become more cognitive and collaborative-interoperable by:

  • a) Adding cognitive behavior to all involved Logistics Operation “objects” (freight, transportation means, systems, etc.) and
  • b) Developing the necessary communication and interoperable environment that will allow those cognitive objects to “talk to each other” and share information through hybrid ad-hoc social secure networks.


Last updated 27 June 2018

Project Director
Antonino Scribellito
T: +32 27731193
Assistant Project Manager
Waqas Ahsen
T: +32 27619652
Project Assistant
Angjelo Andoni
T: +32 2 761 9653

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