Postal Retail Network Forum

The aim of the Postal Retail Network Forum is to facilitate exchanges between Postal Operators on issues related to postal offices. Amongst the various related topics, the group’s focus includes the transition process from own to partner-operated postal outlets and new counter products and services.

  1. OAC Green Initiative 2014 - 2021

Next event:

  1. To be confirmed

Previous event:

  • Retail Forum meeting, 7-8 September 2022, Tirana, Albania

Previous topics discussed at the Retail Network Forum

2020 Virtual meeting

  1. New products and services in retail outlets
  2. Successful marketing campaigns and partnerships in retail
  3. Trends in retail
  4. New retail concepts

2019 (St. Petersburg, Russia)

  1. Presentations and Q&A: New retail concepts and network development, digitalization of retail services, quality management
  2. Workshop about quality measurement in retail outlets
  3. Spotlight session: Postal concepts, motivation for customers to use online services
  4. Postcrossing
  5. General PostEurop communication topics
  6. Site visit to a post office

2018 (Prague, Czech Republic)

  • Presentations and Q&A: Transition process from own to partner-operated postal outlets – the basic  principles and operation experiences
  • Workshop: New products and services in retail outlets
  • Spotlight session: E-commerce outlets, consumer driven logistics, vision for the future post office
  • General PostEurop topics
  • Site visit to post offices

2017 (Yerevan, Armenia)

  • Workshops / know-how transfer
  • The experience exchange in service sphere
  • Post Office Operators’ role in retail sales
  • Efficient order management in Post Offices
  • Sales promotion aspects
  • The importance of working regulations and circular letters
  • Company Presentation Haypost
  • Workshop: New products and services in retail outlets
  • Business model: External advertising in postal search Locator
  • Site visits of postal outlets
  • General PostEurop topics
  • OAC Green Initiative: Planting of trees

2016 (Reykjavik, Iceland)

  1. OAC Green Initiative: Planting of 10 trees
  2. Postal outlet network of Iceland
  3. Presentation "Focusing on our immediate impact, through retail and e-tail point of contact"
  4. Workshop: New products in retail outlets
  5. Workshop: Successful marketing campaigns for retail products and services
  6. Site visits of postal outlets
  7. General PostEurop topics

2015 (Luxembourg)

  1. Postal outlet development in Luxembourg
  2. Site visits of postal outlets
  3. New products in retail outlets
  4. Workshop: How to motivate retail staff to increase sales
  5. General PostEurop Topics: Market activities circles

2014 (Tallinn, Estonia)

  1. Postal outlet development in Estonia
  2. Site visits of postal outlets, sorting center, delivery points, Post 24/7
  3. Retail and delivery separation; best practices
  4. Workshop: Training of retail staff / counter clerks

2013 (Helsinki, Finland)

  1. Postal outlet concept in Finland
  2. Information methods for outlets
  3. Quality monitoring and measurement criteria
  4. Current international projects with postal outlet focus (eCommerce Interconnect Program)
  5. General PostEurop and OAC topics

2012 (Vienna, Austria)

  • Newly designed postal outlet in Austria
  • Retail strategy of Austrian Post
  • Retail developments within postal companies in Europe
  • Comparing and contrasting the provision of new postal and banking services, merchandise on sale and the potential implementation of new services in retail outlets

2011 (Bonn, Germany)

  • Developments of postal outlets in Germany
  • Self-service solutions for parcels at Deutsche Post
  • Optimization of location-based internet search for postal outlets and location-based smartphone solution

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